We offer an annual allotment of Nursery Stock (trees in pots) and Large Trees for truck spading each season. 
Our 2021 inventory is now available. We are open Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 3 pm from April 10 to May 9.
Payment by cash, cheque or etransfer. Prices do not include HST.

COVID-19 Response: *Please refer to our COVID -19 safety procedures tab

Please bring an appropriate vehicle or trailer if you plan on taking your trees with you. Our Potted Maples will require a truck and/or trailer for transportation.
If you would prefer, we also offer delivery as well as delivery and planting service priced per order.

Sugarbush Sugar Maple 4 to 18 ft in pot
$15- $20 per foot each based on calliper and grade

White Spruce 3-4 ft in pot
$79 each

White Cedar 3-4 ft in pot
$23 each

White Birch Cluster of 3 in pot
$119 each

Norway Spruce 2-3 ft in pot
$49 each *Available April 24

Autumn Blaze Maple 8-9 ft in pot
$279 each *Available April 24

Large Trees installed by spade equipment
Priced Per Tree and Per Job Starting at $875 per tree
White Spruce
Norway Spruce
Sugar Maple
Silver Maple
Red Maple

Also Available for Outdoor Pick Up
Farm Fresh Pure Maple Syrup 250ml: $15 
500ml: $28
Maple Sugar: Priced per package Official Farm Hat: $24
Sideroad Candle Company Natural Candle: $28
Provincial Park Style Campfire Pit: $259
Custom Fire Poker:  $27