Farm Filming Locations near Toronto

Elliott Tree Farm is a Christmas Tree and Maple Syrup Farm that has a multitude of film and photography locations, situated on 100 acres withing a short drive of Toronto on the outskirts of the GTA. The farm offers a great base camp and production centre while filming at the farm or within the region with a very large parking space, outbuildings, and Foodservice Canteen for holding.

Victorian Brick Farmhouse Film Location

1890 Victorian Brick Farmhouse and Contemporary 1980’s pine addition with large wooden deck and indoor/outdoor fireplace.

Heritage Barn Film Location

1850 Heritage Bank Barn with lower stone cellar.

Horse Barn Filming Location

1990 Horse Barn.

Log Cabin Filming Location

Circa 1850 log cabin and maple sugar shack set within a 5-acre mature maple forest.

Rustic Cabin Near Pond Filming Location

Rustic cabin and millhouse on large pond.

Airplane Runway Filming Location

2,000 ft tar and chip airplane runway.

Driving Shed Filming Location

1950’s driving shed style building

Warehouse Filming Locatio

40’x 80’ steel warehouse.

Airplane Hangar Filming Location

40’x 40’ steel airplane hangar.

Camping Filming Location

Picnic sites, RV and camper sites.

Christmas Tree Filming Location

Christmas tree fields in various stages of growth.

Maple Sugar Shack & Maple Tree Filming Location

In a mature maple forest.

Fields Filming Location

Open pastures and hay fields.

Location Notes

In addition to the historic house, cabins, barns and filming sets, there is also full basecamp and crew parking as well as production assistance buildings for holding, wardrobe, hair, and make-up.

Ontario Creates

Elliott Tree Farm is also featured with 2 portfolios on the Ontario Creates | Ontario Film Commission website as: Elliott Tree Farm and Barn (L11513)

Elliott Tree Farm and Barn

Christmas tree farm, house, barns, cabins, airplane runway, hangar, basecamp, parking

Photo Credits

Gregory Holmgren
Katalina Kovecses